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Following a design inquiry, we schedule a consultation and evaluate the scope of a project. Once we've got the details, we'll submit a detailed proposal. After reviewing and accepting the plans, all that's left is to sign the contract and pay the retainer, and we get started!



We begin with the floor plans and then start building out the design, selecting materials including flooring, tile, countertops, lighting, and more. After choosing hard finishes, we transition to furniture and decor, planning the layout and meeting regularly with our clients to present and revise the designs. Once finalized, we provide the architects and builders with all of the documentation and blueprints they need to execute, providing ongoing communication and site visits throughout the build process.



This is when our attention to detail and project management skills come in. Extensive remodels and new builds often require ordering hundreds of materials and items. We place all orders, managing the purchase process and communicating with vendors to ensure a seamless delivery  experience. We then inspect and store everything as it arrives at our local receiving warehouse.



The final stage is often the most rewarding – it's when we get to see all of the plans come to life. Our design team thoughtfully places each piece of furniture, accessory, and artwork throughout the home, ensuring every detail has been accounted for and is styled beautifully. Once this is complete, all that's left is the grand reveal!

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